Trichia botrytis (J.F. Gmel.) Pers.

A few scattered sporocarps of Trichia botrytis were found growing on the bark of a fallen conifer near Speech House in the Forest of Dean on the 11th February 2017. Sporocarps occur scattered on bark or decorticated wood of conifers and hard woods, from Autumn through into Winter. They are stalked, sometimes clustered on a single stalk, pyriform, up to 3 - 4mm tall and 1mm  in diameter. The peridium is covered with purplish-brown patches separated by paler lines of dehiscence. The stalk is yellow-brown, robust, irregularly grooved and filled with dark refuse material. The hypothallus is inconspicuous, the plasmodium brown.

 Spores are pale yellow, about 10µm in diameter, and minutely warted. Trichia botrytis is very common in Britain and widely distributed in temperate regions.

 The capillitium of pale yellow elaters with 3 - 5 smooth spiral bands is distinguished by the exceedingly long fine tapering tips.

Trichia botrytis  (J.F. Gmel.) Pers., A vey distinctive species of  Trichia.

Thursday, 23 February 2017